welcome all

Welcoming all to my FDOM blog project: not only for class but also something that I’ve been wanting to start up for awhile now, my very own blog! 


I’ll start off by introducing myself: My name is Raquel Flores and I’m from Greenville Texas, a city located in hunt county, about an hour from Dallas.  I was born and raised in Greenville – always lived in the same home, never moved school, and generally had the same friendblog1s all my life. About a year ago I made the decision to go to college 5 hours away from my home and now I am currently a freshman at Texas State University, majoring in Mass Communication – Advertising with a minor in Marketing.  

I come from a very close family that I absolutely adore and am so blessed to have. I have two older sisters, so makeup and beauty were introduced to me at an early age. There is one person in particular who introduced me and impacted my love for makeup and that would be my oldest sister, Lori. She was always the one doing her makeup and buying name brand products when I was younger and seeing all the pretty products and how pretty it made her look, really sparked my interest. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves… some people love to bake, others have extensive shoe collections, but for me, makeup is the way that I choose to express myself.  Might sound a bit cheesy but, “my face is my canvas.”

This blog will feature some of my favorite products as time goes by, reviews, skin care, hauls, makeup dupes and much more! I plan on using this blog as a way to share information, makeup inspo, and own personal opinions on different products. This blog is for anyone with an interest in makeup or beauty products; a safe space for women OR men to have a conversation about beauty and makeup. More to come so stay tuned!


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