Lash Out!

I’m a HUGE fan of false lashes. I’ve been wearing falsies for about two years now and I love them so much because you don’t have to worry about coats and coats and coats of mascara and they always look perfect. Also, not all of us gals are blessed with long, full lashes. I actually started wearing falsies because I burned mine off while lighting a candle (long story for another time). Whatever your reason for wearing falsies, here are a few of my (very affordable) favorites.

I generally wear falsies every day, even on my “no makeup” makeup days. My favorite natural eyelashes are Faux mink lashes from Ardell in 812.  The packaging claims to have an invisible band and it really does. These are the perfect lashes to throw on when you are going for a very minimal makeup look. I do NOT recommend wearing these lashes if you want to do a wing only because they are so simple that they would barely be visible if you had on eyeliner. Like I said before, I recommend these lashes for a more natural look.

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My second, are actually a new pair that I have only worn a few times but immediately I loved them. They’re Lash couture faux mink Gala lashes from Kiss. I actually purchased these at HEB but I’m sure you could also purchase these online or at Wal-Mart.  These, in particular, are definitely lashes that you would have to wear eyeliner with because the band is more on the thick side. A lot of people dislike thick bands because its a little more difficult to work with but they last SO much longer than falsies with thin bands. I really just loved the way they looked and felt on my eye. These have a “real hair” feel to them and that’s a big reason why I loved these.

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And last but not least my ALL TIME FAVORITE lashes: Ardell 251 mega volume lashes! These lashes are my favorite because they wear super easy, they are long and full on the eye but they aren’t too heavy, the band is just right: not too thick and not too thin, and they come curled! Also, the lashes are double layered; probably not visible in the photo but if you see them in person they resemble double wispies. I personally prefer to wear these lashes with eyeliner but you could also wear them without eyeliner depending on how big your eyes are. It’s really just your own preference.

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Aside from those three, Ardell 105 glamor lashes will always hold a special place in my heart because they were the first eyelashes I ever purchased but they are not in my top favorites anymore.  I apply all of my lashes with Duo lash adhesive in clear although I prefer it in “dark” when I am not wearing eyeliner. And I coat them with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.


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