Couture Girl?

So I’ve watched YouTube and different beauty Vloggers for years now like Manny MUA, KathleenLights, Stephanie Nicole and my all time favorite Jaclyn Hill! (she’s my makeup mom) But recently, since I started my blog, I’ve been looking into other beauty/makeup blogs and I came across a specific one that I really enjoyed reading: “Couture Girl”

I’m a bit new to blogs, as yall know but I’ve definitely been getting more into them because I’m writing one myself. Like I said before, I have recently started following and reading a few makeup/beauty blogs but “Couture Girl” has been the most enjoyable to me for a few reasons: the look of her blog is clean and simple, Her posts are very relatable, and her content is actually interesting and easy to read.

Her blog is white. Its simple and I love it because it doesn’t distract you from the words on the page. Also, I love how her post are set up. On the home page and also when you go into the categories, the blog posts are set up the same and I really like that. Its a bit hard to explain but as soon as you see it, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. Normally, I prefer blogs that have the whole post open because clicking it and then having to go back to see the other posts is just too much… who would like all of those extra steps? BUT with this one I really don’t mind it because I love the way its set up.

To be honest, I stayed in the beauty tab of her blog and didn’t really read any of the fashion or lifestyle but the beauty was all very relatable stuff. She talked about fairly new products like the Kylie Jenner LipKits and some Kat Von D products. Both post were basically reviews and were both pretty helpful.

Overall I really enjoy reading this blog!



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