Lip Injections.

If you pay any attention to social media and celebrities, you can tell that getting lip injections and having fuller lips is kind of a thing at the moment (thanks, Kylie Jenner). As yall know, I’m a college student so I obviously don’t have the money to just go get lip injections BUT I did stumble along a beauty product that claims to give you that lip injection look!

This isn’t a new product but it is new to me: lip injection from too faced. I purchased this around the holidays in a gift set and totally forgot I had it until the other day when I was cleaning my makeup drawers out.  I did a bit of research before trying it and I did notice that they now have an upgrade, lip injection extreme.

SO, does in work? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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The first picture is a before. The last two are after; one with and one without lipstick over top. Overall I didn’t really like the product and I don’t think I would continue to use or ever purchase again. About 30 seconds after putting it on my lips, it started to burn so bad but I left it on to get the full effect. I waited about 5 minutes after applying to take it off with a napkin and apply lipstick. I noticed a slight difference but not a difference worth the pain or money I spent on it.

I can’t speak for the newer version, lip injection extreme. Maybe one day I will give it a try! Let me know if yall have had any luck with the new formula!


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