Anastasia / Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

FullSizeRender - CopyFullSizeRender - Copy (2)If you know me at all you know Im all about highlighters so when I saw this new Glow Kit was launching, I had to have it! I purchased this Anastasia Beverly Hills/Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit for 40 dollars at Sephora. It is limited edition and is unfortunately sold out on the website at the moment, but you could always check your local Sephora store for availaility.

The original Glow Kits come with only 4 colors but like the ultimate glow kit, this one comes with 6. I recommend this glow kit to people with medium to dark skin but if you are fair skinned you could also use a few of the colors as highlights and the remaining ones as eye shadows so you don’t waste your money. Below I will be adding swatches of each color:


Im obsessed with this highlighting palette! All of the colors are very pigmented and creamy. They highlight beautifully, aren’t glittery, and they are all usable for my skin tone. This palette has been getting so much hype online and I can definitely see why. So worth the 40 dollars! Im really praying they do another restock because its limited edition, more people need to get their hands on this if they can!


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