When in doubt, just add glitter!

I’ve been wanting to try something new and I’ve never used glitter but I’ve always seen people do it so I decided to purchase some: I bought these for about 10 dollars  from amazon. I just searched cosmetic eye glitter and the ones I ordered are from BeautyTreats.

I did a quick look after receiving these in the mail using the Morphe 35O palette  and 2 of the glitters out of the 6

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I used #1 on the palette all over the lid, #2 as my transition color only in the crease of my eye (also a great color to keep the look warm), #3 over the transition color but not as high and 4 packed in the outer corner of the eye for depth. I used a clean brush to blend this at the end and as you might have noticed, I didn’t focus on the lid of the eye because that’s where I was going to apply the glitter. After applying the eye shadow and getting it how I liked, I mixed the silver and some gold together in a small pot. I used Nyx glitter glue on a flat brush and smoothed it out over the lid and carefully pressed the glitter on with my finger.

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Glitter review: overall I liked the glitter for the price. I’ve definitely seen other glitters that are very chunky and that’s definitely not what I wanted. These are pretty fine milled but as I said before, this is my first time using glitter on my eyes so  I will be trying out some different glitter brands.


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