easy eyeliner

I often hear people talk about how they can never get their eyeliner right so they just don’t do eyeliner… well here are the steps I use to do my eyeliner:

before we get into all these steps lets just take some time to talk about my personal favorite eyeliners. Two out of the three that ill be talking about today are from Tarte. The first is Tartiest clay paint eyeliner, I love this eyeliner because it resembles a gel liner instead of a liquid eyeliner and when I first started doing eyeliner, gel was a lot less messier to me than liquid was. My next favorite is also from Tarte, Tartiest double take eyeliner, I love this one for different reasons. First of all this eyeliner is both liquid AND pencil! Honestly, Its so much easier to have 2 in 1 rather than having 2 different products. The double take eyeliner is also the blackest eyeliner i’ve ever used. Last but not least, I love Revlon ColorStay liquid eyeliner. This is a drug store eyeliner and its less than half the cost of the other two that I mentioned above. Its also very back and easy to work with.

Now with that aside we can talk about how to easily do eyeliner: (steps explained in detail below slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. start with a clean face and prime your eyes. Typically I just use concealer to prime my eyes and then set it with a translucent setting powder – some people actually buy eye primers. Do what works for you.
  2. DO YOUR EYEBROWS BEFORE YOU DO YOUR EYELINER! Your eyebrows will be a guide for your wing – if your eyebrows are even you can look at them to keep your wing even also. (I use ABH brow wiz and dip brow to fill in my eyebrows)
  3. OPTIONAL: apply eye shadow or not. Whatever look your going for is fine.
  4. draw a straight line angled towards the end of your eyebrow (its a guide!) the liner can be as short or as long as you’d like – just depends on weather you want a smaller wing/thin eyeliner or a big and bold wing/liner.
  5. About 1/4 down start another line and connect it to the bottom of your eye lid to create the wing.
  6. Start at the corner of your eye and draw to the end of the previous line
  7. fill it in and repeat this process on the other eye. Now you just apply the rest of your makeup and you have a completed look!







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