The end?

Hey guys, I originally started this blog as a school assignment and today id like to touch down on that again:

Over the past couple of week I’ve actually really enjoyed writing this blog. I love makeup and if you know me at all, that’s usually what I’m talking about anyways. I’ve learned a lot when it comes to my blog and putting content together for others to read and I’ve also learned about people viewing your blog and interacting with it. For example, as a requirement we had to promote our blog post on twitter, sometimes I ONLY promoted on twitter but other times I also promoted on Facebook. When I promoted on Facebook I got a lot more views and the first time I did it I also got some follower on my blog. Obviously sharing my content on Facebook was a lot more beneficial to me and my blog rather than sharing it on twitter. One thing that I really wish I would have included in my blog for my assignment was a video/tutorial type post. Unfortunately, my camera shyness got the better of me and I was not able to bring myself to actually do a video tutorial. (but maybe in the future?)

In my opinion this experience has benefited me so much. Like I mentioned before, I always wanted to do a beauty blog/vlog but I’ve always been shy and I was afraid for people to read/see my work. There is so much judgment in the beauty world but this assignment really made me remember that makeup is fun and it’s a form of expression. There isn’t just a right or wrong way to do things. I will take the lesson I learned with this assignment into my future, not being afraid to let my opinion be heard.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 13.42.59 As you can tell, my most popular week was the week of Feb 6. I got 76 views and visitors that week. My worst week has been my current week because I have not posted anything this week (I will).

My most popular post is “Lash out” with 72 views. I think this is my most popular post because this is the first post I shared on Facebook AND on twitter. I talked about this before and said sharing my posts on Facebook helped me get more views and some followers.

Over all I didn’t really have anything surprising when it came to my blog. I did have a few views outside of the United States and I honestly never expected to get followers, outside of my family and friends. This has been a great experience and I have loved every second i’ve spend on this blog.


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